Winter Interior Design Trends

Winter Interior Design Trends

Winter has arrived, bringing with it the latest design trends. At home, choosing the right design trends for your space means complementing your unique style and making a statement. In business, your design should reflect your brand and welcome your customers or clients while providing a comfortable and functional environment for your team members. A variety of trends can work in home or office and feature dual use items that function for both storage, seating, and décor. Let’s explore some of winter’s best design trends.

Modern Meets Classic

Presently, interior design is welcoming unconventional design from color to function. Maximalism is challenging minimalism, wall murals are making a comeback alongside wallpaper, and winter’s color trends are emerging vivid and bright. Spaces, at home and work are being redesigned for practicality and function, from communal living to collaborative workspaces, the goal is functionality, usability, and productivity.

A Lighting Revolution

Natural light is always the light of choice, but often it is not readily available, particularly in business spaces. LED lighting is trending as the solution brining unexpectedly stylish options which are both easily accessible and affordable unlike the LED options of years gone by. As a bonus, LED lighting is environmentally friendly, making it even more attractive, with its ability to deliver a modern, sustainable light source using little energy. Plus, LED lights come in so many customizable options, you can create a unique design which speaks to your brand or your personal style.

The Collaboration of Vintage and Environmentalism

Vintage offer genuine timelessness, and when combined with environmentally sustainable materials, delivers a unique balance of creativity, beauty, and experience. Repurposing continues to evolve, giving vintage items the opportunity to shine while providing a functional and environmentally friendly option. Think reclaimed wood and take it a step further to achieve the look of this trend, after all what could be more practical and creative than upcycling the old for a completely new look that is on trend with a nod toward environmentalism. Most often, you’ll find vintage blended seamlessly with modern elements to create a completely unique style with a nod to use of space and practicality.

Healthy and Happy

At home and at work, health and wellness are taking a front seat in design trends. In many cases, the trend embraces wellness by promoting ease, simplicity, and a slower pace helping individuals unplug from virtual work and life. Often, the healthy, happy environment blends natural, organic elements with the simplicity of industrial, urban favorites to pay homage to simplicity and wellness in a fresh new way.

The Peace and Timelessness of Nature

Today’s techy world requires a multitude of screen time for which many are seeking an escape. Winter’s design trends are encouraging a return to the peace and timelessness than only nature can provide. How? Bringing the outdoors in has always been trending in some form or fashion, and the latest iteration is no exception. Natural elements pair particularly well with warm whites and cool grays for mesmerizing interior design. To accomplish the task with ease, consider adding plant life, dried florals, or branches, and stained or natural wood.

Color and Texture in Abundance

Color and texture are the among the latest sophisticated trends. Big and bold, deep and bright, color trends are all about the energy and mood. Among the most prevalent so far are hues of green and blue which can easily be combined with neutrals for a contrasting, yet modern appeal. Textures and patterns are also making a comeback from wallpaper to fabric, artwork to accessories.

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