What to Include in Your Office Building Build-Out

What to Include in Your Office Building Build-Out

More often than not, whenever a new tenant has moved into a new office space, chances are the space will require a build-out. Therefore, as a tenant, you will need to be prepared to cover the cost of a build-out while being up to speed on the details. If you have decided that your new office building is in fact in need of a build-out, but you have no idea what this may include, you are not to worry. In this article, we will be going over everything you need to know about build outs and what may need to be included throughout this entire process.

Before we get into what you may need to include in your office building build-out, it is important to first understand your space. For example, what kind of office are you planning on creating? This simply means you have roughly two options to choose from: an open floor plan or a closed floor plan. Now, this also brings up the question: what can you do with these two floor plans, and which one suits your business the best? Below we will go over the key differences between the two layouts along with which space is most efficient for your employees.

Open Floor Plan

An open office layout is best for large, open spaces within your office building. Studies have shown that open floor plans are best used within offices with collaborative teams. With that being said, it is also important to find the balance between the open layout and a few privacy options. While open floor plans are ideal for meetings and teamwork, it has been proven that workers do still need a bit of privacy now and then to efficiently get their work done. Studies have also shown that poorly constructed open floor plans and office spaces cause a decrease in productivity and overall employee satisfaction at work. While cubicles are not the only option, they can be considered for an efficient private space within your open floor plan.

Closed Floor Plan

On the other hand, we have closed floor plans. A closed office design is the most traditional layout where the working areas are separated by walls and doors. Typically, this layout is best used to separate junior employees and senior employees. Closed floor plans can also be used to separate different teams and departments throughout the office building.

When it comes to deciding which layout is best suited for your employees, the answer may not always be as simple. However, recent studies have determined that open office layouts are best for departments that require open communication and teamwork. Closed layouts on the other hand are best suited for individual work and have been proven to improve overall workflow.

Your Build-Out

Now that you have a better understanding of your layout, we can get into what your build-out needs to include. Typically, build-outs include adding walls, doors, outlets, cabinets, closets, bathrooms, or whatever else your office may need. Therefore, if you plan on creating a closed office space, you will need to add walls and doors to create that enclosed space. If you are looking at an open layout, you may still need to include cabinets, doors, outlets, and more.

To ensure you create the most efficient office build-out, consider learning more about us at PerilloConstruction.com. We can ensure that our office build-outs include everything from individual and collaborative office spaces to break rooms, bathrooms, and so forth. We create highly functional and inspirational spaces that people enjoy coming to work. Contact us today to get your quote and get started on your building project.