Save Money on Your Office Buildout

Save Money on Your Office Buildout

If you are here, you have likely found our ideal business space, have negotiated your lease, and are preparing for your office build out. The truth is office build outs can be expensive, and you like many others are probably looking for ways to save money on a premium quality space. The goal, after all, is to get your business up and running successfully while staying within your budget. The process can be tricky, but Perillo Construction has prepared these tips to help save you money on your office build out.

Leveraging Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

Before the process begins, you should always seek to maximize your tenant improvement allowance – the amount your landlord will pay toward your build out. The more you can leverage from the landlord, the lower your out of pocket expenses will be. Of course, this needs to be negotiated within your lease before you sign.

Hire a Project/Construction Manager at the Beginning

A project or construction manager will manager your office build out and work to save you money throughout the process. You can even hire one to help you chose your site and evaluate options before you sign on the dotted line. A project or construction manager can provide test fit drawings, space plans, potential budgets, and projected schedules giving you a better idea not only of costs but also the time needed to build out your space.

Doing so, before your lease is negotiated and signed, will help you and your tenant representative broker negotiate a high tenant improvement allowance. The result is often lower out of pocket expenses for you once the build out begins. Also, knowing the projected timeline for your build out will help you plan for your opening, as well as ensure you won’t end up paying multiple lease payments (at your new location and previous location) before your project is complete.

From planning to completion,  your project or construction manager will continue to save you money and provide unmatched value with planning, problem solving, budget optimization, quality workmanship and materials, scheduling, and more. His or her experience will be invaluable during the build out process, ensuring you achieve you goals and successfully keeping your project on track and allowing you to focus on your company.

Planning for Success

Planning is the key to success, particularly during your office build out. Your new space will be tailored to your unique business, which means intentional planning from usage of space to placement of furniture and everything in between. An experienced architect or interior designer can help ensure your plan meets all your needs before construction begins, so that both time and money are saved.

For example, your office obviously needs phones, internet, computers, printers, etc. Planning ahead allows you to explore the cost savings between wired and wireless technology options. While the nature of your business will determine the need for data cabling for internet and landlines or wireless devices and laptops for your employees. If wireless will work for your business, your will need an exceptional Wi-Fi plan and possibly some minor data cabling, but you will still save money over having your entire space fully wired.

Use the Power of Reutilization

Reuse, recycle, reutilize are all words when put into action that can save you money on your build out. If you are moving into a completely new building, this strategy doesn’t apply. But, if you are moving into a previously renovated space, don’t be afraid to use portions of the prior build out to save money. For example, can you use the existing office spaces, conference rooms, or workstations, by adding your own style and branding? If the answer is yes, you will save a bundle by not having to change structural elements in the design.

Perillo Construction Can Help

The experts at Perillo Construction are ready to help you save money on your office build out. Call today to learn more and get the process started.