Planning a Successful Tenant Build Out

Planning a Successful Tenant Build Out

When a build out is required – regardless of your industry – planning is the key to success. Like the business plan for your company, commercial build outs require attention to detail, as well as a well-defined budget, and special considerations unique to your brand. The professional team at Perillo Construction is prepared to guide you throughout the build out process to ensure a successful completion on budget and on time to meet your needs. Experts in the build out process, the Perillo team will ensure not only the best in planning and execution, but also lead the way in permits, inspections, warranties, and more. Here are some tips to help you plan your successful tenant build out.

Customized Build Out Spaces

Tenant build outs mean tailoring commercial space to ensure the ease of daily business as well as its success. Build outs often include a complete remodel, developing the function and design needed for by the tenant such as turning a formerly retail space into an eatery or an office. In other instances, the build out may only be partial, supporting the changing needs of the tenant such as a change in use of the space or a much-needed expansion.

Details Matter in the Build Out Process

The fact is, in any type of construction project, the details matter, and this is certainly true for the successful completion of a tenant build out or improvement project. Existing properties must function with the proposed plan and intended features desired for the new space. When planning your project, you will need a full, detailed permit set of drawings (plans, specifications, and work schedules). This means construction plans, code summaries, demolition guidelines, details, electrical, elevations, mechanical, schedules, and more.

Budget Concerns of the Build Out

As you plan, your budget is among your keys to a successful tenant build out. As build outs become more costly, it is important to ensure your budget can handle the construction project costs which, depending on the size of the build out project can mean tens of thousands of dollars up into the millions. If loans are involved in the process, you need to ensure they can be repaid. Also crucial is having the necessary working capital on hand to fund your project, otherwise your project is likely to fail. Planning well means understanding the budget process as well as the projections for your project, all of which ensures an effective project and a satisfied tenant. Budget concerns for a build out project include:

  • Contingencies
  • Hard Costs which include labor, materials, and equipment needed for the project
  • Loan/Financing Costs
  • Project Management Costs
  • Soft Costs which include legal, financing engineering, and architectural costs

The Project Management Team for Your Tenant Build Out

Choosing a knowledgeable and experienced project management construction team can ensure the success of your tenant build out. How do you choose the best for your project? Find a team that is ready to partner with your team, able to collaborate and achieve the desired results while always putting your needs first. Why? Because the project management team oversees numerous aspects of your build out – scheduling, communications, administration, vendors, sub-contractors, materials, equipment, and more. It is equally important to choose a contractor who has the expertise in project scopes of every size, and the understanding to work though the challenges that may arise during your build out project.

You want to choose a construction project management team, like the professionals at Perillo Construction, who has the solutions you need to ensure tenant build out success from concept through completion. Call the Perillo team today and discover the difference for your next tenant build out project.