Optimizing Your Retail Build Out

Optimizing Your Retail Build Out

Let’s face it, in the retail industry today, competition is tough! With retail stores, malls, strip-shopping centers, and online retail stores, shoppers have more options than ever, often making it hard to reach your target audience. And yet, there is a way to capture the attention of your prospective customers – a retail buildout which optimizes your space and enhances your customers’ experience in your store. In order for your retail buildout require expert planning and Perillo Construction offers these tips to help you get started.

Examine Your Lease Agreement

Whether you’ve just entered into a new lease or have an existing lease, take a careful look at the details, specifically your options for improving your retail property, as well as the financial obligations involved should you go forward with your planned optimization. If you haven’t yet moved into your new property, consider the pros and cons of a possible retail buildout, talk to your landlord, and always get the details of the conversation/agreement in writing. While you are at it, consult with a general contractor who specializes in tenant improvement, as he or she can help you regarding your lease and buildout in areas which you may be unfamiliar.

Tenant Buildout or Landlord Buildout?

The Tenant Buildout and the Landlord Buildout each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. If your landlord holds the responsibility, then he or she handles every detail from planning to completion, with you, the tenant, having little to no say in the process. While money and time may be saved, the outcome may not result in the enhancements to your space you for which you hoped. If you take on the responsibility, you’ll invest lots of time, but you control the project and its outcome – an optimized retail space for your business.

Building Codes, Zoning Restrictions, and Safety Standards

This is one area where having an experience general contract is “worth its weight in gold.” Building codes vary from city to county, community to neighborhood, and a good general contractor will know how to expertly navigate through permit and zoning, safety and structural standards, and restrictions with ease. All of this takes time, even with the most experience contractor who understands the intricate ins and outs of the regulations. Of course, more time is required if you’re muddling through trying to figure out the needed paperwork.

Temptations Along the Way

When planning your buildout, it is tempting to want to cut corners, particularly financially. While you want to stay on budget, large or small, opting for the cheapest materials and features wont’ showcase your brand or optimize your customers’ experience in your store. A seasoned contractor can help you along the way make smart choices that won’t bust your budget but will still enhance your customers’ shopping experience. If your budget is really tight, opt to make the desired changes in phases to help you bottom line.

The opposite temptation while planning your buildout is overspending. You’ll need to understand wants and needs, as well as, those items which will enhance your brand and engage your customers. If you tend to dream big, your contractor can help you stay realistic, investing your funds into areas which make the most sense for your business success.

Let Perillo Construction Help You Optimize Your Retail Buildout

Your successful retail buildout begins with astute planning and reaches completion with the help of an expert team of professionals, like those at Perillo Construction. The end result, you have an enhanced retail space with helps you reach your target customers effectively and keeps them coming back for more.