Why You Need a General Contractor

Why You Need a General Contractor

Every interior build out needs a general contractor to see that every detail is attended to, from the best subcontractors to keeping the project on time and within budget. A general contractor brings expertise in every area of a build out including electricity, flooring, plumbing, and all the different aspects of your building project. Armed with knowledge and experience, the general contractor ensures a successful build out which meets your expectations and specifications.

Can’t the Subcontractor Get the Job Done?

It is true, the subcontractors do the physical labor to get the job done from electricity to plumbing, but the general contractor is the one who sees the big picture for your build out. And he or she makes certain each subcontractor’s work is done well without negatively impacting another subcontractor on your project. On top of that, a great general contractor will know the best subcontractors and get you the quality workmanship you want at a competitive price. From start to finish, your general contractor will be on top of the project reviewing budgets and timelines to guarantee your project is delivered on time within the original estimates provided. Your general contractor begins on your project during the planning stages and understands what you want. He or she then works to deliver your project on completion, just as you imagined it from the start.

Benefits of the General Contractor on Your Project

  • Successful Planning and Design – Working alongside you during the planning and design phase of your project, your general contractor can guide you to select design ideas that work and steer you away from ideas that won’t work for your project. In addition, your general contractor will see that the subcontractors on your job won’t get in one another’s way and cause timely or costly delays or unwanted project re-dos. Knowing those issues add both time and money to your bottom line, the general contractor works to coordinate all aspects of your project including the suppliers, subcontractors, and individual projects.
  • Helping find the Best Subcontractors – Your general contractor will help you find quality subcontractors for you and your project saving you lots of time and effort. If you attempt to bypass hiring a general contractor, you’ll find the job of hiring subcontractors to be time consuming with no guarantee of the desired results. When you decide to D-I-Y the general contractor job, you have to spend time interviewing subcontractors, comparing prices, and checking references.  A good general contractor will know the go-to subcontractors for every unique aspect of your project and will see they are accomplished properly, within budget and on time.
  • Following Local Zoning and Construction Regulations – Every city and county have their own zoning and construction regulations which must be adhered to for a success build out project. Hiring an experienced general contractor means you have someone who know only knows how to speak the language of city or count regulations, but will also see that each phase of your project is quickly approved.
  • Keeping Your Project on Time and Within Budget – Your general contractor is a professional who knows how to monitor material and labor costs, work progress, and every unique detail of your build out. Daily monitoring ensures your project stays on track in regard to the budget and timelines. He or she will see areas which may present issues and deliver the solutions needs to get the project done. Your general contractor will also hold regular meetings with relevant team members, keeping everyone on top of the project’s deadlines and budget from start to finish.

At Perillo Construction, you will find the experienced full service team ready to handle every detail of your interior build out resulting in a stellar result that is delivered on time and on budget.