Mistakes to Avoid in Office Redesign

Mistakes to Avoid in Office Redesign

You’ve made the decision; the time has come to redesign your office. And whether, you are relocating and need to design the perfect office from the ground up or you are renovating your current office into the ideal space, an office redesign project includes lots of details, not to mention a variety of costs. Because of all the issues faced when redesigning your office, here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid and get you well on your way to the office of your dreams.

Budgeting is Key

One of the most common problem is underestimating how much you will need in your budget to get the job done the way you want it. An accurate budget not only includes the actual redesign but hidden costs like how long your business will be down during the renovation or relocating your business during the process. Once you have factored in all the potential cost, you’ll have an accurate budget to stick to during the renovation.

Factoring in Growth

When planning your office redesign, you’ll need to consider growth. Your team isn’t the same as when you started, and as you grow into the future, you’ll need additional space. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to factor in 10 percent more space than in your present office.

Consulting with Your Employees

Though your employees aren’t going to foot the bill or manage your office redesign, their input is important. They are the people most effected by the changes and can offer valuable tips in creating a welcoming and productive space. Plus asking for their input is a moral booster, showing them you value their thoughts.

Including Multi-faceted Space

Today’s most productive office spaces feature space planning and multi-faceted design to meet the needs of employees and clients. Calling on the expertise of a space planning service can help you with effective design that meets all your needs and keeps you on budget. These professionals may also offer input into the addition of not only work space, but also break-out spaces which boost productivity and creativity among your staff.
Shopping Around – Contractors, Suppliers, and Vendors
Though you probably do this all the time for other big ticket items, shopping around is important in your office redesign as well. Take the time to speak with several contractors, suppliers, and vendors so that you not only get great value but stay on budget as well.

Detailing Your Space

One of the most common mistakes in office redesign is spending before the design is complete. This can happen in a number of areas, but fixtures, lighting, and furnishings are the most common. When selecting lighting and other fixtures, wait until you can see the new space, then you’ll be better able to determine the needs and choose the right items to make your new office its most functional. Furnishings is another area where it’s easy to get excited about the new space and loose control. Overbuying new furnishings is one of the most common mistakes often causing you to blow your budget and overcrowd your office space. Consider the proverb, ‘less is more’ to start, knowing you can add additional pieces later on for greater flow and functionality.

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