Keep Your Commercial Build Out Project on Budget

Keep Your Commercial Build Out Project on Budget

When you begin a new commercial build out project, there are a number of areas in which you may find you are anxious and stressed, particularly if it is your first build out experience. Even so, nearly everyone in the planning and process of a commercial build out has some level of stress, whether from concerns about timing or about budget, or a multitude of other situations which could arise during the project. At Perillo Construction, the expert team strives to keep your project on budget and on time, and ensure you are informed and “in the loop” every step of the way. Here, the Perillo Team offers tips to keep your commercial build out project on budget.

Preparation is Key

Planning and preparation cannot be emphasized enough in your commercial build out project. Preparation will not only help you avoid problems but also help you handle any which arise during your build out. Planning and preparation begin with the design phase and follow through to the completed project. A well-planned build out starts with space planning and goes forward with financial analysis, design, permits, and construction to keep your project on time and on budget. Filing for and waiting for permit approval is among the most time-consuming element in your commercial build out, and preparation and planning for any issue which may arise can alleviate some of the wait time, thus aiding your budget’s bottom line.

Choosing an Experienced Team Begins with a Project Manager

With a commercial buildout, you will need not only an experienced contractor, but also sub-contractors, consultants, vendors, specialty trades, and more. Remember the least expensive bid for your project could turn out to be more costly if the team you select has little to no experience.

When choosing your build out team, begin with a well-qualified project manager. Though this will add to your front-end costs, a seasoned project manager will save you money over the course of your project. Always check online reviews and ask for recommendations from past clients before hiring to ensure he or she will be a good fit for your project. Once hired, the project manager will also save you time, as well as money, handling every aspect of your build out project from hiring subcontractors and specialty trades, to ensuring every step of the project moves forward according to plan.

Because you have to continue running your business during the build out process, an experienced project manager oversees the project for you, keeping you informed, from planning to budgeting, scheduling to construction, and more. As a bonus, your project manager will also know where to find the best in business, including sub-contractors, engineers, vendors, and other service providers you will need to see your build out through to successful completion.

Since your project manager is your direct line to the project, you will always know when problems arise, as well as whether your project remains on budget and on time. An experienced project manager has the experience and the know-how to handle any issues that arise and keep your project on track, because he or she has likely faced similar problems in the past and solved them.

An Added Understanding of the Market

A seasoned project manager, and an experienced team, can provide you a greater understanding of the build out process and all the costs involved – from labor to materials, and everything in between. Because your project manager knows the ins and outs of costs in your area, he or she ensure your build out costs stay in line with the local construction market.

Call on Perillo Construction to Keep Your Commercial Build Out Project on Budget

Perillo Construction has the knowledge and expertise to keep your commercial build out project on budget and on time, delivered successfully with premium workmanship and materials. Call today and get your commercial build out project started with Perillo Construction.