Getting Ready to Move to Your New Location

Getting Ready to Move to Your New Location

Perillo Construction Inc. (PCI) offers dedicated construction services to customers. Before planning a commercial or residential move, you can contact Perillo Construction Inc. to avail their services. The top-notch contractors at Perillo Construction Inc. can help you identify your construction needs and other services which you can take advantage of always at an affordable price. They offer expert advice for choosing the best services tomeet your requirements. Consulting services in the construction industry can help you move in the right direction and allow you to choose the appropriate solutions for your commercial and residential needs.

Requirements for a Commercial Move

When you hire a professional organization like Perillo Construction Inc. (PCI), you can leverage their expertise and make your commercial build-out and move to a new location a success. Here, they offer some tips to help your move go smoothly.

  • Material Required for the Move- You should be aware of the kind of packaging and remodeling material required for a commercial move. This requires expert advice from a professional firm like Perillo Construction Inc.
  • Prepare a Budget for a Commercial Move-You should focus on preparing a specific budget so you can plan the basic requirements for the commercial move at an affordable cost.
  • Place an order for Office Furniture- Before the business shifts to a new location, it is important to place an order for necessary office furniture which employees require to work in the new office space. The management must place the order for new furniture well in advance to make relocation easier.
  • Choose a Method to Clean Up Commercial Space- You also need to be aware of the various costs involved and the terms and conditions while leasing a commercial building for professional use. This prevents you from paying any additional fees or maintenance charges during relocation for clean-up and other incidentals.
  • Client Communication Is Important- When you shift your office to a new location, you must inform your clients about the move so they can contact you at your new address after the move. It is your responsibility to get your address updated with your clients and customers.

Requirements for a Residential Move

You need to make several decisions before you plan a residential move. Some of the key requirements are listed below for your reference.

  • Purchase Appropriate Packing Material- Relocating from one place to another can be tedious and costly. You require the right size of boxes and other packing material to begin the moving process. You must choose packing materials according to your furniture and other large items that require packing.
  • Make A List of Items Tricky to Pack and Move- Every item in the house requires different materials and methods for packing. You can wrap your fragile belongings by using bubble wrap. All electronic items can be safely packed in cardboard cartons. You should also click a picture of such items to ensure they safely reach the intended destination. Customers can prepare a detailed list of items that require proper care during the process of relocation.
  • Transferring Home Utilities Before the Move- You need to transfer your home utilities such as cable connection, internet service, water connection, and gas connection from one location to another. This is an important step to avoid inconvenience at your new place.


Customers can contact Perillo Construction Inc. for consulting services on the design and construction of new builds and build-outs. The company offers qualitative build-out at a competitive price which suits the requirement of the customer. All relocation services assist customers to plan their business relocation in an effective manner. Customers can also seek professional advice from Perillo Construction Inc. on any new construction needs they may have at the new location.