Five Things to Consider for Commercial Build-Outs

Whatever your commercial build-out needs, you will want to hire a commercial construction team with a solid reputation for managing the complete build-out project from start to finish. From the start, you will want your build-out to remain on budget and on time while it meets your requirements down to every detail. As you begin your commercial build-out project, there are five important things to consider before the project starts.

The Neighborhood

You should have a good understanding of the neighborhood in which the property is located. Consider your neighbors and whether or not they are open to a business like yours in their community. Take a second look at your design plans and think about whether they fit with the style and architecture of the community. Though your plans may be well within the local laws, the neighborhood may not be as welcoming if your design plan clashes with the look of the community. Keep in mind that negativity from your neighbors may cause you a number of problems well into the future.

Local Codes

Before your build-out project begins, you must ensure your build-out project conforms to all local building codes. This includes plumbing, fire, mechanical, electric, safety, and more. Local codes must be met before any actual work begins. You can find your city and county codes for your area at your local city or county website.

Zoning Ordinances

Before your build-out project begins, ensure that your build-out complies with all the local zoning ordinances for the city or country in which your property is located. If your plan in not in compliance, or you begin construction and are not in compliance, you will be required to obtain a variance from the local zoning board. If the zoning board approves you are ready to begin. If the zoning board denies your request and you have already started your project, you will be out not only time, but the money already invested in the project.

Property Size

As you consider your property, is there enough space to accommodate your build-out plans. Remember any changes you make, setbacks you face, or area requirements must all meet local codes and zoning laws. If a mistake is made along the way, you may find that you have to tear down the work that has been done and restart to ensure your build-out remains in compliance.

The Timing

The time in which you need your build-out project to be completed is crucial to your business. Your professional contractor must understand your timeframes and the reasons you set those times so that your timing is adhered to throughout the build-out. During your build-out project, you should keep constant communication open with your contractor regarding any changes in the timeline. Remember, any changes you make in the plans or design can alter your timeline and completion date.

At Perillo Construction, Inc., our goal is to deliver premium quality in materials and labor managed by a professional trustworthy contractor for your buildout. With Perillo, you can expect superior services and materials always on time and within your build-out project’s budget. Whether you project is large or small, we consult with our contractors consistently to assure your project is moving forward. Our goal is to keep you informed every step of the way, tackling issues as they arise. Perillo Construction, Inc. promises to work with developer, architect, and tenant seamlessly to insure the successful completion of your build-out project.