Commercial Build Outs – 5 Things to Consider

Commercial Build Outs – 5 Things to Consider

When the time comes to plan and execute your commercial buildout, there are a number of important considerations as you plan. As you know a commercial build out is an investment with financial considerations, permitting, oversight and management of construction, and more in the mix. Here is a compilation of five things to consider ensuring your commercial build out is a success.

The Planning

To begin, you will need a reputable and trustworthy architect as well as a well-qualified construction firm. When choosing your architect, you’ll want to ask some questions up front so you know you are making the right selection for your project. Start with the basics, understanding your state’s requirements for architects and choosing a professional architect who is insured above that minimum state requirement. Next, take a look at the portfolios of the architects you are considering, evaluating skill and design. After all, you want to choose an architect who understands your brand and your goals and can successfully meet or exceed them. If you have questions about their work, ask. No question is off limits, ask about quality, issues, and solutions in each of the projects completed. Finally, ask for references. When you are hiring an architect for your commercial build out, follow through, calling the references you are given.

Property Owner/Landlord Build Out

Whether you are the tenant or the landlord matters. Obviously if the build out is your property solely for your company’s use, the requirements are different than if you are planning a build out for your current tenant or to attract a new tenant. If you are the property owner doing a build out for a tenant, all responsibility and control falls to you. As owner/landlord, you are responsible for the architectural plans to the actual build out including design, materials, and scheduling. While this might be appealing for your tenant on the front-end, you probably want to get tenant input so the finished project is pleasing to you both.

Tenant Build Out

As a tenant, if you are considering a build out, you want to carefully consider the options in your lease. What are your financial obligations? Are the building options available to you as a tenant limited? You need to know all the terms laid out in your lease related to tenant build outs before you begin planning. As you plan, you’ll want to discuss your ideas, including all the details, with your landlord. Get all agreements in writing before you begin the build-out process. When you take on a tenant build out project, you maintain control of the project and the outcome. It is time consuming, but in the end the project will feature the final results you desire, provided you choose a commercial construction company to manage the build out.

The Construction Company

Choosing a well-qualified and reputable commercial construction company is key to achieving your successful final project. You’ll want to ask some of the same questions you did of your architect in making your selection – insurance coverage, references, portfolio, etc. In addition, you will want to ask how they define quality, after all you want the best quality and value for your build out. Determine if they use only blueprints or 3-D models to help you visualize your final outcome. Discuss with the construction firm a timeline for your project as well as guarantees.

Underbuilding versus Overbuilding

In any commercial build out, there always exists two temptations – underbuilding (cutting corners financially) or overbuilding (dreaming beyond your actual needs). Finding the happy medium is key to success and includes making budget friendly choices that stretch the budget and maintain quality as well as choosing designs and materials to achieve your brand’s overall style.

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