You Can Update Your Office Space on a Budget

You Can Update Your Office Space on a Budget

Has your office space gone out of style? Can you remember the last time you updated your space? If not, now may be the perfect time to update your office space, not only for the sake of your customers, but also for your employees and the success of your business. Many business owners avoid updated because they feel it will be too costly, take too much time, and result in production losses. When considering an office update, the opposite may be closer to the truth. You can update your office space on a budget and uncover a great return on your investment. In most cases, you will be probably be surprised at the uptick in employee engagement and the increase in productivity following even a minor update of your office space. The facelift will also act to welcome customers and show them how much you care. Here are some tips to get you started updating your office space on a budget.

Cutting Corners? Yes, You Can

Your office space conveys your image, not only to your customers but to your employees and your colleagues as well. From your office’s appearance, customers, employees, and even investors get an impression – good or not-so-good – of your level of professionalism and your commitment to excellence. And, the truth is, you don’t have to choose the most expensive materials to achieve quality and aesthetic appeal in your office. For example, you can attain a professional, stylish appearance with quality vinyl versus actual leather, and premium laminate versus hardwood flooring. You’ll be getting the same appeal at a considerably lower price. 

Give Attention to the Basics

Just as you have the ability to cut some corners and still garner the update and appeal you seek, there are some basic areas you’ll want to give the proper level of attention.  You don’t need to purchase expensive luxury items to achieve a successful office redesign, instead invest in the basics which truly make the difference in the appearance of your space and keep you well within your budget. For example, quality lighting is extremely important in any office.

How can you determine the best places to invest your budgeted funds? Well, start with those items which affect your team members daily, optimizing them to increase productivity and engagement. As mentioned, lighting is key for success, regardless of the focus of your business or industry. So, is quality, supportive, and comfortable seating. Ease of access to needed equipment as well as fellow employees is also key to your redesign. Talk to your employees and ask what they would like to see done. While you might not be able to accomplish all their suggestions, they will appreciate being asked, and you’ll discover the areas which affect them most.

Calling on the Professionals at Perillo Construction to Help

In most instances, you wouldn’t take apart your computer or the office copier and try to repair it (unless that is what your company does).  So, don’t start your office update without calling on the professionals to help you get the job done correctly. Mistakes in office redesign can result in overages you can’t afford, while calling on the professionals at Perillo Construction can help you update your office space on a budget without unexpected expenses. The team at Perillo Construction has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, updating your office space, helping you stay within your budget and complete your project on time, while delivering the quality and appearance you seek.