Can a Professional General Contractor Actually Save You Money during Your Build Out?

Can a Professional General Contractor Actually Save You Money during Your Build Out?

If you are in the process of planning a build out, you may be wondering if a professional general contractor can actually save you money or if you would save money acting as your own project contractor. In short, the answer is a professional general contractor not only can save you money during your build out, but he or she will also save you lots of time and effort during the process. It is true that hiring a trustworthy general contractor will add an additional line item to your project’s budget, but overall a well-qualified contractor will help you save significantly over the course of your build out. You may be wondering how, and the fact is a professional general contractor will increase efficiency, see that your project stays on time and budget, ensure you get quality materials and workmanship, and ultimately save you money in places you least expected it. Here’s how!

A Professional General Contractor Has the Needed Knowledge and Experience

A knowledgeable, experienced general contractor knows how to manage your project, particularly the unexpected which always comes as part of a build out project. This means, when issues arrive, as the inevitably do, you have someone with the experience to guide you regarding design, materials, design, and more. Plus, he or she will manage your project with the leadership needed to ensure a successful outcome. Your professional contractor also has the knowhow to avoid common project holdups that can negatively affect your timeline and your budget. While your general contractor won’t be able to prevent holdups, he or she can reduce the impact by hiring the best vendors, securing the highest quality materials, and seeing that inspections are on track.

A Professional General Contract Gives You a Single Point of Contact

As opposed to you acting as your own general contractor, left to communicate and negotiate with sub-contractors, carpenters, electricians, roofers, plumbers, vendors, installers, suppliers, and more, your general contract will handle all that and more. Your contractor has the relationships in place with sub-contractors and supplies, and knows just who provides the best workmanship and materials, which saves you money and time, and gives you with a single point of contact throughout the build out. 

A Professional General Contractor Will Pull Permits and Build to Code

When you hire a reputable general contractor, he or she will see that your build out project has the proper building permits and passes every inspection without code violations which can slow your project’s progress to a crawl. Most municipalities have stringent building codes (zoning, HVAC, structure, electric, plumbing, and more) and your general contract is familiar with them all. Code violations not only slow your progress, but most come with fines and fees as well, extra expenses you don’t want or need. Your professional general contractor can help you avoid the violations as well as the fines and fees that come along with them.

A Professional General Contractor Keeps Your Project on Time and Budget

Keeping your build out project on time ultimately saves you money, thus keeping you on budget as well, and that is where you well-qualified general contractor is most valuable. Your contactor will see that subcontractors remain on time, so each step of your build out project stays on schedule. When one portion of the project is late, the entire schedule goes awry, and costs you not only money but valuable time.  Your contractor will monitor your build out daily, keeping watch over every facet of your project to keep up with changes and progress, and stop issues before they happen.

Are You Ready to Save Money and Start Your Build Out?

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