Avoiding Issues During Your Restaurant Build-Out

Avoiding Issues During Your Restaurant Build-Out

Opening a new restaurant is a matter of pride for restaurant owners. A quality restaurant build-out means the appropriate utilization of the restaurant space. Before leasing a restaurant space, the restaurant owner must consider certain pitfalls to avoid additional costs and challenges which can cause problems when the restaurant opens. All restaurant owners must consider these issues before selecting any space to open a restaurant.

Don’t Sign A Lease Without Negotiations

A restaurant lease is an important contract required to set up a restaurant business. Before signing a restaurant lease, business owners must consider the following factors:

  • Who is responsible for the built-out area of the restaurant?
  • Does the restaurant design accommodate demolition and the creation of new walls?
  • Does the built-out area affect any utilities for other tenants in the building?
  • Has the landlord provided permission for constructing as per a built-out plan?
  • Does any renovation require removal if the lease is terminated?
  • Do business owners receive tenant improvement allowance for paying fees for built-out areas?

Understanding Construction Expenditures

Low-priced materials can lead to very shabby work during the build-out including the addition of furniture and equipment. If a restaurant owner uses low-quality material to set up their restaurant, the repair and maintenance cost will eventually prove to be more costly than the build-out. Restaurant owners must carefully consider any ad-hoc construction costs which may require attention during the restaurant build-out.

Hire Local Construction Workers

Restaurant owners often make a mistake by not hiring local workers who have complete knowledge of the area and the weather conditions. When they hire professionals who are based in a different city, they often find these individuals may not have proper knowledge about the local community surrounding the restaurant. This may cause issues while constructing or planning the restaurant. Restaurant owners must be sure to avoid any kind of violations while planning and opening their restaurant which can cause trouble for them in the future. Restaurant owners should contact Perillo Construction Inc. (PCI) for professional advice from design to planning, building permits to local workers during the restaurant build-out.

Not Providing Lien Waivers to Contractors and Suppliers

Restaurant owners often miss these waivers while developing their work contracts with contractors or suppliers. Contracts should include lien waivers to prevent issues for owners in the future. Lack of waivers can lead to angry landlords who can cause issues in the restaurant lease agreement should a lien be placed on the property. Therefore, restaurant owners should have lien provisions in their contract. Perillo Construction Inc. offers professional guidance to prepare such contracts and act as the mediator so that restaurant owners do not miss out on important points from the contract.

Restaurant Architects Should Have Experience in Restaurant Industry

It is important to hire an architect who has prior knowledge and experience in designing a restaurant. He should know the basic requirements for designing a restaurant. Lack of experience causes issues while designing a restaurant.

Lack of Appropriate Construction Permits

Lack of appropriate construction permits is another mistake restaurant owners make. This increases the paperwork and cost of construction which they tried to avoid in the first place by ignoring these permits. This may also force restaurant owners to face lawsuits in the future. All restaurant owners must seek valid permits to carry on the construction work for the restaurant build-out.


Perillo Construction Inc. offers help for restaurant owners to take into consideration before planning to build-out a restaurant. Avoiding these pitfalls lowers the risk in opening a restaurant. Owners can contact Perillo Construction Inc. and seek professional advice to avoid such problems and escape unnecessary risks. Perillo can also help restaurant owners follow all local laws and maintain a realistic timeline and budget during their build-out.